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What to Expect

Meals are shipped weekly in vacuum-sealed containers and packed with ice packs to keep food fresh.

  • Balanced Meals

    Meals are nutritionally balanced for a variety of diet plans – clean, keto, paleo, plant-based, Whole30.

  • Meals Arrive Frozen

    Meals are "deep chilled" and can be reheated with an air fryer, stove top, or microwave.

  • Quick and Tasty

    Reheat a meal in just four minutes. Ideal for busy people who want to eat clean.

Get 40% Off your First Trifecta Order

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trifecta is best suited for busy individuals who want to eat healthier. Macronutrients are labeled on each package so it's ideal for those counting macros, athletes, bodybuilders, and those following specific diets like keto or paleo.

I personally lost 10 lbs in two months after being subscribed to Trifecta. But my weight loss results are from an overall balanced diet and exercise. I personally use Trifecta meals to replace unhealthy lunches that would otherwise be purchased at restaurants. Trifecta "clean meals" range from 350 - 550 kcal.

From a taste standpoint, the food is slightly above average. I subscribed to Trifecta in January 2024 and continue to be a subscriber because the meals are healthy, fuss-free and more than good enough for my needs.

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